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The average dude fabricates something six times a day — that’s twice as often as women. So, to try to get why guys are so crafty, COSMO reached out to male relationship experts. Here, they list the most common whoppers men tell their girlfriends and wives — and what the real deal is behind each.

Lie # 10: “I’m Stuck in Traffic”

“He figures it’s much easier to just say this than to try to explain the real reason he’s running late,” says John Amodeo, author of The Authentic Heart. “Remember, men aren’t as good at communicating as women are.” The funny thing is, a guy will toss this line out even if what held him up is perfectly legitimate. Still, you shouldn’t let it slide — it’s a lie nonetheless.

Lie # 9: “It Wasn’t That Expensive”

“Men like toys, and they don’t like sensing your disapproval, even if you don’t share a bank account,” Amodeo says. He could also be dropping this fib to try to prove he’s responsible with money, says Barton Goldsmith, author of Emotional Fitness for Intimacy. “He doesn’t want you to think that if you do share funds down the line, he’s going to blow them all on things like plasma TVs.”

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Lie # 8: “I Had No Signal,”

This means the same as: I screened your call. Why? “Often men will feed you these lies because they’re afraid to tell you to back off a bit, that they need a little alone time,” Amodeo says. You might want to ease up on the checking in and let him miss you more.

Lie # 7:”‘This Will Be My Last Beer”

Our experts say this man-lie delivered over the phone means he wants to get you off ASAP so he can spend more time with his buddies. The thing is, even if he says it three times in a night, each time he believes it, Goldsmith says. It’s like when you vow this will be your last cookie…five times in a row.

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Lie # 6: “Nothing’s Wrong, I’m Fine”

A whopping 52 percent of men have told their girlfriend this line. To find out why — and how to deal if your guy uses it on you — check out our March issue, on newsstands now.


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