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Story by: Hellobeautiful.com

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Conversation is the crossroads of an individual’s personality, intelligence, and spirituality. What someone says, and how they say it, becomes more important than their looks as a relationship matures. 

Bad conversation habits like the examples below can doom a relationship:

1. Conversation Hijacking

So you’ve just finished telling a story about a funny memory. The Conversation Hijacker makes their move: “you think that’s funny, let me tell you this.” The Hijacker doesn’t intend to listen to you, but they expect you want to listen to them. They like to top your story and belittle it, while allowing little time for discussion or reaction to it. It ends up as an unbalanced conversation dominated by the Hijacker, frustrating the hijacked victim.

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2. My Name is Negativity

They might describe their average day like this: “of course my boss made me stay late, and of course I locked myself out of my apartment because that’s my life. Everything sucks.” Another form of negativity is self-deprecation. Don’t fake positivity but remember: no one wants to spend time with a person who is too negative.

3. Me, Me, Me

The Me, Me, Me broadcasts insignificant stories about their life, but completely forgets to ask the other person about their life. It may not be on purpose, but they magnify everything in their own world which shrinks the importance of everything in the other person’s world.

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