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It’s the summer and you know what that means: weddings every weekend.  Although this entails getting a few new dresses a month, it also starts to make you rethink your own status. Is it really best to get married right after grad school? Or should we hold onto our youth for as long as we can, until wedding bells are the only thing we can hear?

Everyone I know that is getting married only has one thing on their mind: how to make their wedding the most spectacular in comparison to the other 20 weddings this summer.  Although I definitely enjoy staring at dazzling diamonds helping pick out stationary, I find myself a lot more content than I thought I would be. As much as people smile when they say the word fiance, I find myself smiling just as much when I say the word boyfriend.

To me, weddings are the ultimate “grow up” reality check.  You no longer pick your night plans solely based on where they are serving dollar beers: it comes down to where the other couples want to meet you also.

Nowadays, as much as I hear about a new couple getting engaged, I hear about just as many if not more couples getting divorced.  As much of an optimist as I am, I do think it’s important to be 100% positive (maybe 150% positive) before considering anything.  Life is too short to spend any time trying to separate yourself from someone.

Although I’m pretty sure I have the exact wedding dress that I want picked out and the perfect country club, I still look forward to dates to the movies and mini golfing. To me, planning a fun gathering with my friends still includes reggae music, keg stands, at least 3 things breaking, and beer pong.  This could mean that I’m immature, but I definitely think that I am happier than most of my friends who are stressing over getting married as soon as possible.  It comes down to accepting your status like a champ and living up the cards that you’re dealt.  If you really think that you’ve found the one it doesn’t mean that you need to say “I do” immediately.  Enjoy your speedy heart beat that you get right before you hear whether or not you will see each other that night.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s better to stay single for a while or jump into it right when you find “the one”?

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