It’s over. For now.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” bid farewell in a final burst of sumptuous overconsumption of food, wine and naive ridiculousness. Which is why the show, in its various locales (Orange County, New York, apparently New Jersey at some point) keeps going.

So in the final episode, DeShawn Snow, wife of former NBA player Eric Snow, had a deep talk with fellow ‘wife Lisa Wu-Hartwell.

Wu-Hartwell was a little unhappy that her husband, Ed Hartwell, had been signed by the Oakland Raiders and that Ed would leave her all alone in happening Atlanta while he went off to, by the sounds of it according to his wife, practically a foreign nation, ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Like, a three-hour plane ride! Luckily, since the show was shot last summer, we know that Ed didn’t make it with the Raiders so Wu-Hartwell’s angst was misplaced.

Snow had her own problems. Eric was going to have to retire because of an injury. While trying to teach DeShawn how to cook in case she had to fire her personal chef once Eric’s NBA paycheck quit arriving (the cooking lesson didn’t take and we find out at the end of the show that DeShawn kept her chef), Wu-Hartwell asked if the Snows would have to be downsizing at all upon Eric’s retirement.

Um, yes, yes she would, DeShawn said, explaining that she, personally, wasn’t going to be able to renew the lease on her Mercedes. And that meant she unfortunately would be down to one personal car and the family would make do with five. Five cars.

OK, then. It’s time to say farewell. And if you’re in Atlanta and see DeShawn walking, you’ll know why. The five family cars are all in the shop.

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