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Let’s face it: A walk in the park over the summer can be brutal with this heat. You are saved as soon as you get that tiny breeze (even if it feels like a hairdryer being blown on you). So why don’t you let yourself get some more air while also getting a workout? Buying a new bike was definitely one of my smarter purchases this summer- I’m taking advantage of everything that the summer has to offer.

Waking up and putting on the weather channel is probably the worst part of my day.  As soon as I hear “feels like 105 degrees” I am quick to rethink my plans.  Most of the problem is the commute.  Walking in the city takes a long time and by the time you get where you need to be you’re a hot mess.

Instead of canceling plans, I needed a plan to get places fast without spending all the money in my wallet.  The bike has definitely paid off.  I get places quicker with a constant breeze in my hair.  Not only am I enjoying my summer much more, but I have found a different way to work out outside without thinking I am going to get heat stroke. Yeah, I still get really hot.  But riding a bike is enjoyable, fast, and very convenient.

Going on bike rides with someone else is a great way to bond.  Pick a spot near the water during the sunset.  When you’re not thinking about how terrible the weather is you really start to appreciate everything that the summer has to offer.


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