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Drew Brees, Photo by photofest

Oh, my. This is embarrassing… for Oprah. Apparently, she didn’t see New Orleans Saints quarterback and Super Bowl MVP ever before in her life. How else can you explain what happened when Drew Brees was a guest on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’? Before we go to the tape, a few thoughts.

First, what does it say about the staff research on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ that something as big as Drew Brees’ birthmark, clearly visible on his right cheek didn’t make it into the notes?

Nobody ran a little tape on the guy? There were no football cards or an 8×10 glossy? It makes you think that somebody simply handed Oprah a set of cards and said, “Here you go. His team won the Super Bowl. He throws the ball. Go get him, O.”

Clearly, Ms. O had no idea what Drew Brees looked like. She must not have watched the Super Bowl or she would have seen the birthmark on his face. She must not have seen any of the post-game appearances with Drew Brees or she would have asked someone about that mark on his face. She must not have cared very much about the interview to do the proper preparation.

Fortunately for Oprah, Drew is a good-natured guy and he laughed off her attempt to clean his face. Watch:


It’s not exactly the same, but have you ever experienced this: you walk into the doctor’s office. You meet with the nurse and explain what’s wrong with you. The nurse writes it all down in your file and you sit and wait 30 minutes in a paper gown. The doctor walks in with your file. While you continue to wait, the doctor opens the file and just then starts to read. When they’re done, they look up at you and say, “Now, what’s wrong?” It’s like they have not read or understood one iota of the material in the file. It’s like they have no idea who you are.

Maybe it’s not very much like that after all, but Oprah should be ashamed of herself for not reading the Drew Brees file before he walked out onto her stage. After all, she is Oprah. She’s supposed to be better than that.

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