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From The Captain

I feel sometimes people don’t listen to each other. Even when communication is clear it seems like there is still something not understood. One day I seen a post from my Facebook friend Capone and he was like…

“This chick doesn’t understand or can’t take the fact that I dont want her, I just want my kids”

I think that’s pretty noble to know where you are in your mind and to have that understanding. However its messed up that the other party cant understand that and have some respect for that to strengthen the relationship.

I think single parents need to elevate. I don’t think that men and women should say “If you don’t want to be with me, then you are throwing away our family”. My boy Keith told me a couple years “The Bible talks a lot about being a father but it doesn’t say much about being a husband.

I took that for what it was hoping I would understand it more one day and I think Capone’s status helped me in that. So ladies and gentlemen…let a man be man and raise his child if that’s what he wants to do. Let a woman be a woman and give her the proper respect due in front of a child.

Realistically, a lot of relationships whether break up or divorce have children involved nowadays. Don’t further complicate that by being selfish because your dream didn’t pan out with one person. You have to understand that life goes on and until you die you have multiple chances to get what you desire if you go about getting them the right way.

No one is ever going to love you because that’s the only option you are giving them

No one is ever going to respect a person who uses a child as extortion or blackmail

No child is ever going to benefit from a manufactured dysfunctional home

Stop Over-Analyzing And Start Living Your Life

Think about that in your next episode of “Baby Mama Drama”

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