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From TheBVX.com

Make no mistake — as an entrepreneur and lyricist, Jay-Z is dumb nice with his. But sometimes when he’s being interviewed he just sounds dumb. The campaign to remake his image for a mainstream audience seems to be backfiring by only reinforcing stereotypes about ignorant rappers. “Triple entendre” anyone?

He’s the “God MC” and one of the best things to happen to popular music, but even Jay-Z, the Roc-A-Fella, Rocawear, RocNation mastermind and lyrical genius, isn’t infallible. Mr. Carter please don’t sic the Illuminati, or Ty-Ty on us we’re merely making observations…

Jay-Z on Oprah

In a conversation about the “N-word” Jay trails off into a riff on what hip-hop has done for race relations, “even with its ignorance.” He then claims that rap has “changed things, just by being who we are.” So, just by being ignorant, racism has been erased! His proof: That kids who idolize him are racism-proof, as he told Oprah. But white people didn’t start loving black people at hip-hop’s request. White people have idolized black performers for decades: Louis Armstrong, Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, The Supremes — all of Motown, actually.

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