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Normally, designers and celebrities go together like champagne and bubbles. Famous faces in the front row of the collections mean more publicity which hopefully translates into more sales in the stores.

But America’s current fascination with the self-described “Guido” cast of the MTV hit “Jersey Shore” is causing some consternation ahead of New York Fashion Week.

The trouble-magnet known as Snooki has, through an intermediary, let it be known that she is available to be a celebrity guest at the shows, which is wrinkling noses on faces normally too Botoxed to move.

“It’s a nightmare,” one veteran fashion publicist, who is responsible for seating several top Fashion Week shows, told me. “Nobody wants any of those kids anywhere near their brand.”

The problem is that while the “Jersey Shore” cast would certainly attract flashbulbs, their lowbrow image is not seen as a snug fit with the showcase event of a multibillion-dollar luxury industry. Or, in the words of another Fashion Week vet: “They’re [bleeping] peasants.”

Of course, it would not be hard to re-cast the “Jersey Shore” team with talent already familiar to Fashion Week. International Herald Tribune critic Suzy Menkes is an obvious choice for Snooki, based on their similar hair styles. J-Woww and Betsey Johnson also look as if they share a hairdresser.

For his famous abs, The Situation could only be played by Marc Jacobs, who has shown a recent fondness for stripping down for the camera. And the musclebound Ronnie looks like he shares a gym routine with square-shouldered menswear maestro, John Bartlett.

Sammi Sweetheart and Donna Karan show a similar knack for staying centered as madness swirls around them, while the bashful good-guy Vinny reminds me of gentlemanly designer Michael Bastian. DJ Pauly D could only be fashion’s favorite spin-meister, Ben Cho.

Then there’s Angelina, the cast member who seemed promising but was fired early on and completely disappeared from the scene. Umm, Kate Betts?

However, you can expect to see reality stars the Kardashians at Fashion Week showing their collection for Bebe.

Source: stylelist.com, Ben Widdicombe

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