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Some billboards in the “A-Town” have an unnerving message for African-Americans: “Black children are an endangered species (?)”


Here’s the deal: A national media corporation reported Friday that southern anti-abortion groups say black women “are having a disproportionate number of abortions,” in which are on the rise in the Peach State, based on federal data.

It indicates that 54 percent of the abortions in Georgia are performed on black women; even though black people constitute 30 percent of the general population.

54 percent! That’s staggering, yes. However, where are these women’s voices?

Organized parties opposing the advertising campaign and contradictory data have come out of the woodwork, but where are these lades’ written stories?

It must be disheartening for a woman of color who exercises her right to choose to see an advertisement depicting a lost African-American tyke, blaming her for the endangerment of his race when driving on a major highway.

What about those hundreds of thousands of children in foster care with limited care and resources, and when they are adopted, how many of them are in abusive homes?

Those statistics are also staggering.

Georgia Right to Life, a state anti-abortion group, partnered with Atlanta-based Radiance Foundation, a proponent of adoption, to launch this campaign that comes complete with a Web site called They say that abortion is a setback for a growing black America, not just for black women.

I am also assuming that eliminating a woman’s freedom to be a decision-maker is being progressive?

Debates on health care reform, with abortion an apparent sticking point, continue in unrest among non-bipartisan elected leaders to community activists at town halls.

I wonder after all is said and done, Will such billboards be allowed near every exit or toll station throughout our country?

Maybe the answer will be discovered in former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow’s pro-life ad expected to air in the Super Bowl.

I support a women’s right to choose. What’s your word?

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