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Achieve Your Dreams

Achieve Your Dreams

1. Create 3 BIG DREAMS now that really ignites your passion and is in
alignment with your Well Being.
2. Ask yourself this question? Why do I want it? And keep tilling the soil on
the Why until it becomes a beautiful positive affirmation based out of your
passion and fullness of your dreams.
3. Ask yourself “How will I feel when I am experiencing my 3 Big Dreams?”
And practice feeling those feelings on a daily basis. To align with your
dreams, you need to be in alignment with those feelings-the essence of your
dreams- more than 51% of the time..it’s called the tipping point.
4. Your affirmation: “I am capable of creating dreams that I can achieve.”

For more guidance and wisdom read Ask And It Is Given by Ester and Jerry Hicks.

Share your 3 big dreams in the comment section below.

Sending positive vibes in support of the achievement of your dreams – Robin

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