Daniele, Inc. Recall Statement:

Daniele, Inc. announced Sunday it is initiating a voluntary recall of its Pepper Coated Salame products because of possible concerns about salmonella. Preliminary results indicate that eleven ill individuals consumed salame products from “Daniele Italian Brand Gourmet Pack.” State and federal health officials have been unable to confirm a direct link between the illnesses and any Daniele product. As recently as yesterday, Daniele’s Rhode Island facilities were inspected by the state’s Department of Health and the company was found to be meeting all regulatory and food safety standards.

“Our family business has been producing premium gourmet products for over 60 years,” said Vice President of Sales Davide Dukcevich. “While we conduct further tests, our goal right now is to take prudent, proactive measures to do everything possible to remove any products that do not meet our high standards for quality and taste.”

Anyone with any of the following products should return them for a full refund:

Daniele All Natural Salame “Coated with Coarse Black Pepper) (10oz) 736436003802

Daniele Brand Gourmet Pack (Emballage Assorti Gourmet Italian) (500g)736436707373 

Daniele Deli Selection (20 oz)736436531024 / 736436854350        

Daniele deli Selection (32oz) 736436720037                                                                                          

Daniele Gourmet Combo Pack (16 oz) 736436707380                                                                                                         

Daniele Gourmet Deli Selection (Assortment De Fines Charcuterie Italienne) (400g) 736436530131              

Daniele Gourmet Italian Deli Selection (600g) 736436720051                                                                                                   

Daniele Italian Brand Gourmet Pack (16 oz) 736436707335 / 736436857313                                                       

Daniele Italian Brand Gourmet Pack (8oz) 736436847291                                                                                                              

Daniele Natural Salame Coated with Coarse Black Pepper (catch weight)                                                                             

Daniele Pepper Salame (catch weight) and EW. 736436303308                                                                                           

Daniele Salame Bites Pepper Salame (7oz) 736436200393                                                    

Daniele Surtido Fino Italiano (340g) 736436857092                                                                                                          

Daniele Surtido Fino Italiano (454g) 736436707335                                                                                                                        

Dietz & Watson Artisan Collection Baby Genoa Pepper Salame (catch weight)                                                        

Dietz & Watson Artisan Collection Party Platter Pack (8 oz) 031506847103                                                         

Boar’s Head All Natural Salame (Coated with Coarse Black Pepper) (8oz) 042421160758                                                  

Black Bear Baby Genoa Pepper Salame (9oz) 630003950226


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