The star witness against Sam Riddle in his federal corruption trial, which begins today, will be the embattled and outspoken political consultant himself.

Though prosecutors plan to call at least a dozen witnesses to talk about alleged bribery payments, shakedowns and cash-stuffed envelopes in connection with several Detroit deals involving Riddle and his onetime boss, former Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, much of the evidence will be the hours of Riddle’s voice on wiretapped phone calls.

There are the statements where Riddle called Conyers “Miss 60/40” in what authorities say is a reference to their split of suspected bribe money.

Or the time Conyers told him in a recorded phone conversation: “You better get my loot,” in connection with dealings involving a restaurant owner.

The pretrial portion of the case has been circus enough, with Riddle’s defiant rants about the case on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that drew the ire of U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn.

And Riddle was still tweeting Friday morning: “Awake. Alone. Adrift. Embrace The Madness. It’s Ok.”

source: Ben Schmitt (not full text)

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