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George Washington Carver.

Source: Photo 12 / Getty

A camp has been created to honor agricultural scientist George Washington Carver in Grass Lake, Michigan over 60 miles from Detroit.

George Washington Carver was a teacher for poor farmers introducing acorns as food for hogs instead of commercial feed.  Farmers using acorn as hog feed enriched the croplands with swamp muck instead of normal fertilizers. Over 300 foods, industrial and commercial were created by George Washington Carver. George Washington Carver can take credit for creating products from peanuts, like punches, paper,cooking oil, and milk.

George Washington Carver creations made working easier for farmers.

Camp Carver is almost 400 acres  and is founded by the Metropolitan Baptist District Association of Greater Detroit. The camp is perfect for Kids, Family reunions, retreats you can even stay over night.

The Camp is free so donations are accepted.

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Camp Carver is dedicated to keeping the greatness of George Washington Carver alive through education and scientific programs.

Camp Carver is family friendly experience during Black History Month.



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