Angie Starr

Source: radio one / Radio One

What to do if you get stuck in the snow

Michigan State police want you to stay with your vehicle if it is stranded in snow and wait for help.

Drivers and residents that need assistance or guidance call 211

If you are stuck in snow do not spin your wheels.  It could dig your vehicle deeper into the snow . You can use a shovel to dig around the wheels and undercarriage.

You can rock your car by shifting into drive and giving your car a little gas.

Keep your tank full of gas.

Keep an emergency preparedness kit in your car.

  • Batteries
  • phone charger
  • battery-powered or hand crank radio
  • flashlight
  • windshield scraper
  • jumper cables
  • shovel
  • blankets
  • first aid kit
  • nonperishable food
  • bottled water
  • a bag of sand or cat litter should be kept in the car to be used for traction under tires if your car gets stuck