3D View Talk Show – Season 2, Episode 5

3D View Talk Show

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Did you catch S2E5 of 3D View?

Well if you didn’t, here’s the scoop:

Tips and tidbits

Do you struggle to start conversations? Imagine you’re in the same room with that one person to whom you would just love to pitch your idea or you are in the elevator with your favorite artist or you simply want to get comfortable with initiating conversations. What’s your approach? How do you start the conversation?

What were Katrina, Michele, and Temeria go to tips for starting one? Watch the show and tell us on social media right now!

Are joint bank accounts really necessary for married couples?

Benefits of joint accounts:

  1. Joint accounts promote trust.
  2. With joint accounts you always have access to your spouse’s money

Benefits of separate accounts

  1. Separate accounts promote independence
  2. If your partner is an irresponsible spender, your separate account could save the day

Find more information: https://www.thinkmoney.co.uk/news-advice/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-a-joint-bank-account-0-3789-0.htm


What are some methods for finding/hiring staff for your business?

You have a thriving business and in your mind you have been screaming “Help!” for some time now. You finally realize it’s time to throw in the towel on the one person show if you want to maintain your sanity.

What factors do you consider when seeking out potential candidates? Are there any deal breakers or do you give everyone an equal opportunity? Watch the show and tell us on social media right now!


The outpouring of Love for the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin!

Her music transcends generations. What is it about Aretha that makes people of all ages Love and Respect her? Do you have a favorite Aretha song?  Who should play her in the movie?


Rock it or Knock it

Would you buy a Porsche for your teenage daughter? Kandi Burruss bought her daughter Riley a Porsche for her Sweet 16.

Let’s discuss… Do we Rock it or Knock it?


3D View is a thirty-minute talk show involving three female hosts born and raised in the city of Detroit. Our goal is to offer diverse perspectives on current events that have a local and national platform. Importantly this platform will raise awareness about ongoing issues and trends in Detroit and how various topics affect the city and its residents. The show’s discussions will be insightful, innovative, and engaging with a bit of humor. Our audience consists of a broad age group and it is our mission to always be informative, respectful and appropriate.

Each week we will be discussing new topics that we would love for our viewers to comment on or participate in each week.

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About the Hosts

Dr. Michele Leno is a licensed psychologist and owner of DML Psychological Services, PLLC. She offers therapy, coaching, and consulting services to individuals and organizations. Dr. Leno works with clients of all ages and backgrounds, including adolescents, adults, athletes, and various professionals. She also offers a special intensive therapy and coaching session to busy professionals. Dr. Leno motivates and helps others get unstuck, transition, and cope with chronic and situational stressors. Some of her interests include performance anxiety, situational depression, and effects of social media on mental health. Her treatment is based on some guiding principles: first, she maintains that many physical symptoms and somatic complaints stem from poor mental health and coping; second, others often remain in positions with which they are unhappy due to fears and anxiety about change. Dr. Leno believes that by improving your mental health, you improve your life.

Temeria Heard is the President and CEO of Corporate 52 Marketing Group a full service promotional branding and advertising company serving industries including professional sports, casino’s, energy, non-profits and automotive. In April 2016, the Detroit Tigers and Major League Baseball awarded Corporate 52 Marketing Group with the 10th Annual Jackie Robinson “MVDBP” (Most Valuable Diverse Business Partner) Award. “As Jackie Robinson broke through barriers, Corporate 52 is breaking barriers as a woman/minority owned company and is recognized as a Diverse Business Partner (DBP).” Temeria is a member of the American Marketing Association, holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a Masters in International Business, and she is a classical violinist.

Katrina Frazier is the owner of Taylor Made Coaching and Consulting LLC that provides services ranging from life coaching, initiating goal setting programs, and training implementation. Other services include consulting with businesses on feasibility, business plans and employee relations/retention. Katrina holds a bachelor’s from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business in Business. She also earned a Masters of Management with a specialty in HRM from Walsh, and she learned the HR industry by working at several organizations garnering over 15 years’ experience. She also earned a Master of Arts in Human Service Counseling- Life Coaching from Liberty University, and is a member of The American Association of Christian Counselors. She hopes to continue to help people attain authentic life goals, give advice on business endeavors, and all things in between.

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