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Do you know the 5 Ps of violence?

Violence is a predictable pathological disease that results in premature injury and death and has thus become a public health epidemic. Fortunately, it is PREVENTABLE.

Sinai-Grace Hospital (SGH) is positioned at the center of this public-health crisis, having the highest incidence of penetrating trauma in the state of Michigan. However, there were no health-system efforts in the city of Detroit to intervene and prevent reinjury. As a SGH Emergency Physician, Dr. Tolulope Sonuyi saw countless people come through the trauma doors with similar injuries. He knew the violence had to be looked at from a public-health standpoint and a critical intervention established at the point where violence and health care intersect.

DLIVE: Stopping Violence at the Hospital Doors

Source: Sinai Grace / DMC

Dr. Sonuyi founded DLIVE (Detroit Life is Valuable Everyday) in April 2016, Michigan’s first hospital-based violence intervention program to stop the cycle of violence among young men in the city of Detroit by treating recurrent violent trauma as a disease process. DLIVE strives to create a healthier community by providing trauma-informed care counseling, crisis diffusion and a connection to risk-reductive and protective community resources. Through a multidisciplinary approach, Dr. Sonuyi developed a protocol that involves Nursing, Social Work, and the Trauma Surgery Department. In addition, Calvin Evans and Ray Winans are crucial to the program’s success as Violence Intervention Specialists. With their personal history of transformation, Calvin and Ray can offer the insight and perspective needed to break down the barriers of mistrust that accompany young victims of violence.

Funded by grants, DLIVE collaborates with Wayne State Public Health students and University of Michigan Business School for Social Impact. Furthermore, DLIVE has developed partnerships with other hospital-based violence intervention programs across the country and will soon be a part of the National Network of Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs. To date, DLIVE has more than 30 active clients.

For its work, DLIVE has received numerous awards including an award of recognition from the Detroit Community Health Connection and the 2017 Ludwig Community Benefit Award.  And, in 2017, Dr. Sonuyi was named one of Michigan Chronicle’s Men of Excellence for his work in the community.

DMC Hospital Week

Source: DMC / Sinai-Grace Hospital

This week, DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital celebrates both National Nurses & Hospital Week. Sinai-Grace is proud of its team of nearly 3,000 employees, physicians and volunteers who help care for more than 100,000 patients every year. We recognize and thank the Sinai-Grace team for the hard work, dedication and compassion that they demonstrate to our community each and every day.

Sinai-Grace Hospital is fortunate to have many super heroes. Meet just a few of them, and learn how they are helping people live happier, healthier lives.

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