Every year during the holidays, we stuff our faces, then make New Year’s resolutions to get in shape.  Just accept it.  At least there’s some new info about losing weight that’ll actually help.

A new study figured out EXACTLY how much weight you have to lose for other people to notice.  Even better, they figured out how much you have to lose for people to think you look more attractive.  Yes, they’re two different things.

It’s a little different for men and women.  The average woman would have to lose EIGHT POUNDS for someone to notice.  For the purposes of the study, they’re saying the average woman is 5-foot-4.

The average GUY would have to lose nine pounds.  They’re saying the average guy is 5-foot-10.  But having people notice doesn’t necessarily mean you look “better.”

For people to think you actually look more attractive, the average woman has to lose 14 pounds, and the average guy has to lose 18 pounds.  So basically, once people notice, you gotta double it to look hotter.

It’s based on your face, since your cheeks are one of the first places your body stores extra weight.  They had people look at photos that were digitally altered to show gradual weight loss, then had them rate when it showed, and when it was attractive.

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