The Untold Story Of The Martin TV Show [VIDEO]


Martin was one of the highest-rated shows of the 1990s during the sitcom’s five-season run. As many of you know, Martin was set and filmed in Detroit, Michigan. What many don’t know is Martin was actually based on a true story around the life of Detroit radio personality John Mason, or more personally known as Mason.

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Since the show ended on May 1, 1997 after 132 episodes, many wonder ‘what happened to Martin and Gina’ and ‘what did Tommy really do if he wasn’t a drug dealer.’

Watch the video above as Mason tells you the untold stories of the Martin television show as well as what happened to each of the characters in real life and why he and Gina got divorced. He even answered the million dollar question revealing what Tommy did for a living. Furthermore what Tommy does now will SHOCK you.

You can catch Mason on Mason and CoCo In The Morning daily on 105.9 Kiss from 6 to 10AM.

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