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The 8 Rules for Kissing Under the Misletoe

1.Scoop It Out

If you don’t want to get caught by surprise under the mistletoe, scope out location of mistletoe in room upon entering:  Check at doorways and chandeliers.

2. Be Brave

If you are caught standing under the mistletoe it is customary to accept a kiss from person nearest you. Try not to be a spoiled sport. You are Not obligated to kiss everyone in the room.

3.Keep It Clean

A mistletoe kiss is a quick (tight-lipped) peck on cheek or lips.

4. Fine for Romance

You may hang the mistletoe yourself for  your own romantic purposes, but be prepared to accept kisses from anyone caught under it with you. It is bad manners to shout out “No, not you…. Her!’ and point for some-one else to step forward.

5. Hang Properly

There is No obligation to kiss under a little hanging from any hand, hat,  or belt buckle.  The Mistletoe is not a portable kissing booth.

6. Don’t Touch

Keep those hands to yourself unless invited, you are not to reach out and touch the other person.

7. Keep it in House

You are not required  to kiss under a mistletoe hanging in public. — That includes workplace!

8. Mistletoe Prints Disqualified

Shirts, pant, sweaters, pajamas, or any other clothing with a mistletoe prints do not count as actual mistletoe.


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