grant 3When it comes to the game basketball, every point guard is seen as different, because each point guard brings their own unique qualities to the court.  However, when I break down most point guards, I like to use three specific categories to describe them and those three categorizes are Initiator, Distributor and Scorer.

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Now when it comes to scoring point guards, you’re talking about point guards who can break down a defense and score for themselves more effectively than the average facilitator. Having said that, scoring point guards also have a scorer’s mindset, and although it doesn’t mean they won’t pass to their open teammates. Keep in mind that every thing they do is typically for an attempt to score.

Whereas, the distributors are point guards who have the court vision and ability to find players in scoring positions and get them the ball but also take a few more risks with the ball, when creating for their teammates.

However, the category I would use to describe Detroit Titan sophomore point guard Matthew Grant is the initiator.

When it comes to the initiator, you’re talking about someone, who represents the basic function of any point guard, meaning they come down the court and get the team into the offense, while also showing the ability to score if needed.

More importantly, an initiator knows how to get the job done without taking to many risks and making to many mistakes, which describes Grant, who currently leads the Horizon League in assist/turnover ratio, while also ranking 5th in the nation, an honor that he is very excited about.

“I’m not sure what was my assist/turnover ratio was last season but I’m sure it wasn’t as good as it is now, so it definitely means a lot to be leading the Horizon League in assist/turnover ratio, while also ranking 5th in the nation.” Grant said after practice on Wednesday. “As the point guard, the first thing I like to look at is the overall flow of the game. If guys shots aren’t falling, then I will tend to shoot the ball more to get us going but if I notice my teammates are scoring, I have no problem distributing the ball and creating opportunities for them while still taking care of the ball.”

Keep in mind, that it’s not just about Grant’s ability to almost play mistake-free basketball that makes him standout. The Los Angeles native, is also a tough defender that can really knock down the long ball. Not to mention, he plays extremely hard all of the time and is a team-player every situation, which is one of the many reasons, he started the last 12 games of the season last year as a true freshman, which also made him one of two true freshman guards to ever start together for the first time since the 1980-81 Titan season. Not counting the fact, that he has a started all nine games so far this season for the Titans.

Although, there has been talk that the Titans don’t have a true point guard this season. Grant, says that he is out to prove that he can be that consistent floor general for the Titans, not just this year but for the next few years.

“I hear all the talk that we don’t have a true floor general but I don’t worry about it because I know I am trying to develop myself in to being more of true of point guard and more of a leader vocally on and off the floor.” Grant replied. “At the end of the day, I know we have a lot of talented guys on this team, who can score the ball. So I like to look to facilitate those guys, while still looking for my shot because I know in the end if I can my teammates going, we can win a lot of games.”

I don’t know about you but, I’m excited to see the continuous growth of Grant not only this season but over the next few years. Remember, that Grant is only a sophomore, meaning that he has two more years of college basketball ahead of him to get even better, which is a scary thought when you think of his overall potential and ability to do damage at this level.

If you think I’m exaggerating, just know that head coach Ray McCallum shares my same enthusiasm, when it comes to Grant’s potential.

“As the 2013 LA City Section Player of the Year, Matt has been a combo guard and scorer all of his career.” Coach McCallum said. “However, when we told him we needed him to play the point, he embraced it and since that time, he has continued to put the team first offensively while also continue to be our key of attack on defense. In fact, when you talk about him going up against South Florida guard Anthony Collins last Saturday, I thought he outplayed him … which is one of the reasons that we were able to defeat South Florida.”

“So, Matt is definitely getting better and more comfortable and to know that we have two more years with him is exciting because we know that he is not only a good player and hard worker but he is also an outstanding student. For us, those are the type of guys that we like to stay around for a long time.”

Up Next With The Titans

Detroit will return to Dick Vitale Court on Saturday (Dec. 13) when the Titans host No. 8 Wichita State at historic Calihan Hall.

Tip-off against Wichita State is scheduled for 12 p.m. on Saturday (Dec. 13) at historic Calihan Hall and will be televised nationally on ESPNU.

To order tickets by phone or fax, contact the Titans Ticket office at (313) 993-1700 or fax to (313) 993-2449. The Titans Ticket Office is located in Calihan Hall and is open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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