Kearney 1It was last year during one of VH1’s Behind The Music episodes that actor, entrepreneur and rapper Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges spoke on how fatherhood changed his whole perspective on life. Even saying that he went from “being selfish to selfless overnight,” when his first daughter Karma Bridges was born.

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Although, those words may seem cheesy to those who have yet to become parents. Detroit Titan senior guard Brandan Kearney who became a father to beautiful baby girl named, Brooklyn Dion Kearney, just last month can definitely relate to Ludacris’s words.

“Ludacris’s words about becoming a father are definitely accurate.” Kearney said. “Just looking at a baby does something to you but when it’s your own baby and you have the opportunity and blessing to look at that baby’s face everyday, it’s almost un-explainable.”

Even though, Kearney is in his final year of school and college basketball, he says he wouldn’t trade fatherhood for the world. Even, stating that he is motivated to be the best father that he can to his daughter, while also being a role model to the young men around him like his Detroit teammates.

“Fatherhood is great.” Kearney replied. “For me, it’s a must to be a positive father to my child and to be an example to other young men. I know my teammates may tease me about it at times because I became a father a little earlier, but they know it’s a real life situation that they may one day go through when they have families of their own. Even though, they are not with me 24/7, I do my best to lead by example by being a good father to my daughter in every way possible, while showing them what a great experience fatherhood truly is. “

“Like I said earlier, being a father is a whole different world and I look forward to going home to my daughter every night and waking up to her every morning.”

I don’t know about you but it looks like Kearney is well on his way to becoming a great father to his little girl, Brooklyn. Although, he doesn’t plan to add any more children to the family yet, he says he loves fatherhood so much that he may want to add another child to the family down the road.

You never know, we could see a baby boy by the name of Brandan Kearney Jr. in the future. In fact, according to Kearney, it’s definitely a future possibility.

“I don’t know about Brandan Kearney Jr. just yet, but maybe in a few more years.” Kearney said with a huge smile and some laughter in his voice. “To be exact probably another 4-5 years but, yeah it’s definitely a possibility.”

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