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Source: Mail online

A recent survey found the average person starts their Christmas shopping on November 15th. So if you’ve already gotten a jump on YOUR Christmas shopping, you’re ahead of the curve…and you’re probably also a terrible employee.

According to a new survey of 2,000 people, the average person wastes 15 hours shopping online at work between November 15th and Christmas , which is an hour short of two full days of work.

And over a full year, we spend NINE days shopping online at work, 36% of us have been caught by our boss, 12% have been warned to stop doing it, and we spend a total of $2,215, or about $185 a month.

38% of the people in the survey also admitted they’ve had days where they spent more time shopping than WORKING, but on average, it’s 18 minutes a day, and jumps to 35 minutes a day in the lead up to Christmas.

The survey also found that throughout the year, the top five things we shop for at work are clothes, DVDs or Blu-Rays, gadgets, shoes, and birthday presents.

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