Detroit Lions v New York JetsLike it or not, Detroit Lions head coach Jim Cadwell Has continued to be consistent about a lot of things since becoming head coach of the Lions. One of the first things that he has been consistent with is not discussing injuries to his players, starting with running back Joique Bell.

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Now, when it comes to Bell, who left the game in the third quarter with a possible concussion, he wasn’t allowed to talk to reporters after the game which is normal protocol when players have been diagnosed with concussions. However during Monday’s media presser, Caldwell declined to comment, only suggesting that we should look at Wednesday’s injury report for more information on Bell.

“I’m not going to talk about injuries in particular,” he said when asked if Bell went through protocol for a brain injury. “I’ll leave that up to our injury report. You can take a look at that when it does come out.”

If you think Caldwell is being coy, remember that since becoming head coach of the Lions, Caldwell has only offered details on season-ending injuries because reporting on other injuries causes a snow-ball effect in the media.

“Only because of the fact that once we start, it snowballs, then we’re talking next week about another injury,” Caldwell said. “I haven’t done it up to this point, and I don’t plan to start.”

Bell’s only comments so far have come from his Twitter account.

Although Caldwell doesn’t plan to start reporting on every injury that members of his team suffers, he was a little more forthcoming on quarterback Matthew Stafford who was seen limping after the win over the Jets on Sunday.

“He’s OK,’’ Caldwell said of Stafford. “The game is a physical game, a lot of contact as you well-know and collisions out there,” Caldwell said. “So a guy is sometimes going to come out of those games pretty sore. From time to time, I doubt that there’s anybody walking in this building that’s played 65 plays like he played that didn’t come out with some issues.”

Caldwell also declined to update their status of running back Montell Owens (hamstring) and Theo Riddick (hamstring) who also missed the end of the game with Bell. The Lions finished the game with running back Reggie Bush and fullback Jed Collins, who ended the game with a good clock-eating drive, after rushing for 88 yards against the Jets’ second-ranked run defense.

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