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Source: TMZ

Shaquille O’Neal wants to get BACK IN THE RAP GAME … for real … and he’s so serious, he just made a freestyle rap audition video for Pharrell.

Despite the fact it’s been 16 years since The Diesel released his last album, Shaq is hittin’ up the “Happy” singer to give him a chance to rap on the NBA 2K15 video game soundtrack (which P is producing).

Hence the audition video … in which Shaq rhymes the work “platinum” with … well, we really can’t understand what he’s saying  … its sorta gibberishy.

While the freestyle isn’t quite on “Tell Me How My Ass Tastes” levels of epicness, its not far off. Check it out.

FYI — Nothing will ever be on “Tell Me How My Ass Taste” levels… Nothing.

Check out the audition video here.

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