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Sadie-Bell-pngThis actually happened! A woman, 58, shot her lover after having intercourse because she felt it wasn’t all that.

Allegedly, she accused the man of  cheating and punched him. He smacked her. She then shot him.

Although Bell was sentenced to four years in prison after being convicted of assault with intent to do great bodily harm in addition to a felony gun charge, she is actually a free woman. WDIV reports:

Oakland County prosecutors are outraged that Bell isn’t in prison. Judge Phyllis McMillen granted her a rare appeal bond. Most convicts wait out their appeal behind bars, but McMillen granted a $10,000 appeal bond, much lower than Bell’s original $25,000 bond.

Prosecutors say Bell makes snap decisions and reacts with violence. They say she shot her husband years ago, but never went to court for it.



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