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Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee announces endorsements for Congressman John Conyers Jr., former Congressman Hansen Clarke  and Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano

Fannie_Lou_Hamer_(City_Vote)_(Final)-b.rzDETROIT–50 years ago our nation was engaged in what has commonly been referred to as “Freedom Summer”. It was a period in which students from the north, activists, labor unions, faith-based organizations, both black and white, joined together heading towards the state of Mississippi, determined to ensure both voting rights and voting protection for African Americans. It was a most crucial time in our nation’s history as the importance of voting and electing persons to public office, sensitive to the needs of our people, was indeed most paramount.

Today, as we prepare for the August 5th Primary and the November 4th General Elections, it is still a “Freedom Summer”. The words of Fannie Lou Hamer uttered during that most critical time, “I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired”, still ring true today. The city of Detroit is experiencing a great transformation of resources, people, and a cultural diversity. The gentrification of our city must not result in a loss of political empowerment and a reduction of our economic opportunities. In that spirit, it is important that we maintain as well regain our rightful position as a city and as a political power base with influence locally, statewide, and nationally. This is one of the reasons why the Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee today announces its support for the following candidates.

We have long supported the work and commend the relentless commitment to our city and state, to people of all backgrounds, workers, businesses, faith-based organizations, and persons who are often marginalized, championed by Congressman John Conyers Jr. Congressman Conyers. The Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus and soon to be the Dean of the U.S. House of Representatives, deserves to be re-elected to complete the work to improve the quality of life for all people and in many cases when he has been forced to stand alone on key issues. We are indeed proud of the lifelong work of Congressman John Conyers. Jr of the 13th Congressional District.

Further, we seek another opportunity for former Congressman Hansen Clarke to complete the work that he so capably pursued in the area of fighting against home foreclosures, increasing the opportunities for mortgages to be provided for persons living in the city of Detroit, reducing the high costs of college education and having a great sensitivity to the poor, the neglected, and the rejected. We believe that Hansen Clarke should be returned as Congressman from the city of Detroit in the 14th District.

Our city is only as strong as the county in which we reside. We believe that we are at a crossroads in Wayne County. We are very much aware of the many issues and challenges that face our county. We are not indifferent to any mistakes that may have been made in the County of Wayne by any particular individual.

However we believe that more has been done right and has been proven to be a benefit to our citizens, than any speculation or negative suggestion. We believe that Robert Ficano, who has served this county for 20 years as its Sheriff, 12 years as the Wayne County Executive, a leader in the Cobo Hall expansion which is bringing new money and new conventions to our city, is a leader in regional cooperation not in regional subjugation. He has led the way to reduce budget costs starting with his own staff and is moving in a new direction to construct a new jail for this county, which by the way the decision to cease the current construction, was made by his administration, deserves our support. This executive has designed a financial restructuring program and a budget to make certain that Wayne County does not fall victim to the imposition of an emergency manager imposed upon our citizens by the Governor of this state. He has further taken steps to move even more sensitively to address the economic and social needs of this community over the next several years. We believe with his level of experience and solid commitment to this community, he deserves another opportunity to represent us in Wayne County. This is why we are supporting once again, Robert Ficano for our Wayne County Executive.

These candidates will head the top of our slate. They are accompanied by candidates for the offices of state senate, led by Senators Bert Johnson of District 2, Virgil Smith of District 4, and Thomas Stallworth of District 5 and the leader of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus. They have all been a force for both strong advocacy for and defending when necessary, the city of Detroit at every level. Additionally, we invite you to consider the other candidates for State Representative, as well the office of Wayne County Commissioner on our slate. These individuals seek to offer their service and support for the citizens of our great city and coun-ty. We welcome all persons to join with us this great effort to provide the best opportunities for the city of Detroit and our next generation.

Contact Fannie Lou Hamer PAC at 313-538-3001 or refer to our webpage at flhpac.org to assist and or to volunteer.


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