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Since  free agency opened today, multiple reports have gone out saying that  the Detroit Pistons are among several teams making a play for Sacramento Kings restricted free agent point guard Isaiah Thomas.

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Now there have been some conflicting reports, some state that he is only receiving interest from the Pistons and others like Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report say that the Pistons have actually extended an offer to Thomas already.

Regardless of whether the Pistons have or haven’t offered him an official contract doesn’t matter, mainly because it doesn’t take away from the fact that the Pistons are seriously interested in signing Thomas and for good reason.

Thomas averaged 20 points and seven assists per game last season while hitting 45 percent of his shots. At 5-foot-9 and 185 pounds,  Thomas is an electric scorer and a play-maker. He is what I consider to be s score-first point guard, who has the ability to finish through traffic but he also has a solid jump shot. Play-making wise, he has solid vision and is always willing to make extra pass, especially when in transition. Although some people, say he is at a disadvantage defensively due to his height, reports that the Kings were 3.9 points per possession better defensively with Thomas on the floor last season.

If that’s not enough, Thomas also became the 29th player in league history to have averaged 20 points and six assists in a year with a 20.0 Player Efficiency Rating (PER) last season.

Now there is no doubt that Thomas would be a boost to the Pistons roster. The question is, in what way will he used. Before the 2014 NBA Draft, I stated that the Pistons needed to concentrate on their current roster because who they decide to keep and let go of, are going to determine how they attack this year’s draft and free agency class.

After they drafted Colorado guard Spencer Dinwiddie, I said once again that the Pistons needed to concentrate on their current roster, starting with the point guard positions.

Now that the Pistons are potentially looking to sign Thomas, they need to once again decide who they are going to keep, starting with Brandon Jennings.

When you talk about going to get Thomas, there is no doubt in my mind that this rising star is a starting point guard. Could he play off the bench? Yes. Should he play off the bench for the Pistons? No.

If the Pistons are serious about getting Thomas, than I am assuming that they plan to trade and ultimately get rid of Jennings. How? Not sure, although Sean Corp of the has an idea.

“When the Pistons and the Kings were in discussions over a Josh Smith trade, it was reportedly the Pistons who backed away. The deal on the table was Smith for spare parts such as some combination of Jason Thompson, Carl Landry, Derrick Williams and Jason Terry.

The Kings then drafted Nik Stauskas, a perimeter shooter that seemed to overlap with previous draft pick Ben McLemore. Clearly something is brewing in Sactown.

So could this possible Thomas interest from the Pistons be part of a sign-and-trade deal with the Kings that sends some combination of Thomas and spare parts and maybe even McLemore to Detroit in exchange for Josh Smith and other assets? And what would those assets be? Could the Kings want to take on Jennings? It seems unlikely but any deal for Thomas only makes sense if Jennings isn’t also in the picture. Would it also cost the Pistons Kyle Singer or a future pick?” – Sean Corp of

I’m inclined to agree with Sean Corp on this one, the only way this move to get Thomas makes sense, is if the Pistons plan to get rid of Jennings. Keep in mind that the Pistons also need to get rid of their other dead weight at the point guard position.

Now, Pistons beat writer, Vincent Goodwill, reported yesterday that the Pistons declined the team option on Chauncey Billups, so that mean’s he won’t be in a Piston jersey next year.

However, the Pistons still have to get rid of their other dead weight, starting with Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum. Stuckey is a tweener, who wants to play the shooting guard position but he doesn’t have the height or ability to play it consistently but at the same time he doesn’t have the skill set of a point guard. If that isn’t enough, he has been injury prone the last few years, which doesn’t help the Pistons. Then when you talk about Bynum, I feel his time is over with the Pistons because he continues to be an inconsistent point guard who doesn’t create for his teammates or score consistently.

If the Pistons get rid of those guys, including Jennings, this move to get Thomas makes more sense. Jared Zwerling feels that the Pistons aren’t ready to part with Jennings or Josh Smith for that matter. For the sake of the Pistons, I hope Zwerling is wrong but as much as I hate to admit it, he could very well be right.

Like I said before, Thomas could very well prove to be the ultimate sixth man off the bench if you asked him to be but in my opinion, he is the clear and better replacement for Jennings and he should be the starting point guard of the Pistons, if we do sign him.

I guess time will tell but keep in mind that the Pistons aren’t the only teams interested in Thomas. The Lakers, Celtics, Heat, Suns, Mavericks and Warriors have also contacted Thomas. So we will see if the Pistons are able to grab him but don’t expect a decision from Thomas until point guard Kyle Lowry makes his decision.

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Sports Contributor for Radio One Detroit

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