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alicia fox

More than a month ago Alicia Fox and her two children, Kaylah Hunter and Kristian Justice, were reported missing to Detroit police. No Amber Alert was ever issued and, a few days later, Alicia was found murdered in an abandoned house on the city’s west side. Her children are still missing.

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In the meantime, her family is waiting for someone, anyone, to step up and do the right thing because so many others are already doing wrong. Phonies are lining the John C. Lodge Freeway (M-10) collecting donations while pretending to be family – but they’re not.

“Please do not give anybody any money standing outside, asking for money, because it’s not us,” says Alicia’s cousin Brenda Fields.

“To anybody who has been trying to profit off a tragedy in my family’s life, God will definitely deal with you,” says Doughty.

“Why? Why would you something like that? What if this was your family?” says Fields.

She is trying not to let the negativity keep her mind off what really matters. They are on a mission by way of petition to get what they want – an Amber Alert issued for the two children.

“The Michigan State Police are saying it doesn’t matter how many signatures we get, that we can’t get an Amber Alert. The time has lapsed, we don’t meet the criteria, but we’re going to get 10,000 signatures and we’re going to go protest outside the Michigan State headquarters,” says Fields.

But bad news seems to keep finding this family. There has been no funeral for Alicia. She has yet to be laid to rest.

“The city morgue is saying that they can’t release Alicia’s body to her mother because she’s not the next of kin, that Erin, Erin Justice, is her next of kin, and they won’t release her,” says Fields.

Erin Justice, Alicia’s husband, is the man charged with her murder. He is the father of Kristian and the stepfather of Kaylah. Police believe he knows where the children are.

Seeing children safe and sound is a beautiful sight. When 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell was found alive Wednesday many wept with joy. They were relieved as well.

“I’m very, very grateful that he was found alive and well. I hope that the police and the FBI and everybody is still putting forth that much effort in finding our babies,” says Fields.

“It gave me hope but at the same time I have to admit I was kind of jealous, because, you know, I felt like this young man got national attention and everyone does deserve attention – any child that goes missing deserves attention – but I feel like this is two lives that could, may have, been saved if they would have done the same thing for my niece and nephew that they did for him,” says Doughty.

“We’re not going to go away. We’re not going to let this be swept under the rug. We’re not going to let these children be forgotten about. We’re going to keep looking. We’re going to keep searching and we’re going to keep doing everything we can,” says Fields.

If you would like to make a legitimate donation to a memorial service for Alicia Fox and/or to aid with the search of her children you can do so at the GoFundMe account that has been set up.


For more details, on this on-going story, watch Fox 2 news report below:

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