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dead cats

Fox 2 reports that dozens of cats were discovered in a home on Detroit’s east side this weekend. Some were found living while others were found dead. Now, however, we’re learning even more dead animals were inside the house than originally thought.

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Members of several animal rescue groups removed about 35 live cats from the house at Casino and Marne streets Sunday and found dozens more dead. Many of the rescued animals need medical attention.

Those who went inside describe unthinkable conditions. The house is covered in urine and feces and infested with fleas.

Another group came back and caught two more cats that got away.

On Sunday, officials said they thought 40 dead cats were found inside, Now, Michelle Robinson says she counted at least 100 dead animals.

Robinson and other rescue workers know the woman who took in all the cats. They say she was part of the animal rescue community herself and she apparently hid this disturbing secret well. No one had any idea about the hoarding or the filthy mess until neighbors reported a foul odor to police and said they thought a body might be inside.

We’re told the woman has sent a few text messages to friends but no one has seen her since the animals were removed.

We talked to the Michigan Humane Society. They say the investigation is still open in this case and it’s not clear whether the woman will face any changes.

A family member who was at the house but did not want to be shown on camera says it will be boarded up and padlocked. The group Hopeful Heart Animal Rescue, which took in the cats, is in need of donations.

LINK: http://ahopefulheart.webs.com/

For more details on this story, watch Fox 2 news report below:

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