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Redford police and state police detectives investigate an apparent murder-suicide on the 9900 block of Kinloch in Redford Township. Officer Anna Hamilton, a 16-year-veteran of the Detroit Police Department, was found shot and killed. Her husband Damon Barton was also dead by gunshot. Both were found in their home Thursday around 11 a.m.

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Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones immediately attended a grief counseling session at the northwest district where Hamilton was assigned.

“Something had happened with the husband, don’t know exactly what the situation was, killed her and then killed himself,” Jones says.

Neighbor Paul Cobb said the victim’s family members described the same scenario.

“He had shot her and called his brother and basically said, ‘I did it’, and then shot himself afterwards, and I guess his brother came over, and I guess his brother was the one that called 911,” says Cobb.

Redford police confirmed a family member arrived and called 911, but Redford authorities and the state police, for now, are not describing who shot whom.

Cobb says Hamilton was seeking a divorce.

Colleagues on the Detroit Police Department who worked with Hamilton are crushed with the news.

The couple had two adult children. The family has declined to comment. Hamilton served 16 years on the force. She is said to have currently been working as a patrol officer but had previously worked in the narcotics unit.

For more details on this story, watch Fox 2 news report below:

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