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It appears the lawmakers in Lansing will go on summer break without agreeing on how to pay for road repairs. According to Fox 2, while the senators waited around earlier Thursday night to debate the road issue the Democrats were busy accusing the governor of not providing enough leadership to pass the $1.5 billion road package that went down in flames Wednesday night.

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The governor was asked if he demonstrated failed leadership on roads.

“I don’t view it that way; I view it as positive progress,” he responded to Fox 2.

Democrats complained that the road fix plan on the floor tonight did not fix the problem.

“If you believe this is going to fix the road problem then you might as well believe that Abraham Lincoln hunted vampires, too. This is embarrassing. It’s an absolute shame,” says Sen. Coleman Young.

The Senate Republican Leader contends, however, when you add all the money Republican legislature has raised so far, its a bunch. The only problem is Sen. Richardville did not get the package passed Thursday night. The Senate couldn’t approve it. The governor reports everyone will continue to work on this problem over the summer as lawmakers leave for the campaign trail.

For more details on this story, watch Fox 2 news report below:

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