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I know everyone can’t always get a long but when it comes to your neighbors, we have all heard the phrase “love thy neighbor.” Well, there wasn’t much love going on between two neighbors in Dearborn Heights.

According to Fox 2, Troy Whitehead says what started as an argument over a cat has turned into a neighborhood feud on Ziegler Street in Dearborn Heights. Whitehead says his neighbors Henry and Leslie Jennfeldt are constantly harassing him. Whitehead also added that this is much more than a typical case of neighbor versus neighbor and that all he’s hoping for is peace. He says he’s called police several times but nothing has changed.

He says it got so bad he finally put up security cameras and he showed some of the footage to Fox 2 News. Watch the exclusive footage and Fox 2 report below:

As you can see in the video above, the video appears to show the Jennfeldts shouting at Whitehead, threatening to burn down his home and steal his stuff. Another video also appears to show them lighting firecrackers at Whitehead’s house. 

Now the Whiteheads don’t even live directly next door but Tamika Lewis and her children do and she claims the Jennfeldts put a noose in their tree months ago and called her son a n—–.  Fox 2 reports that they saw the noose hanging in the tree. However, when Fox 2 left and came back 30 minutes later for the interview the noose was gone. Fox 2, was told Henry’s bad knee kept them from taking down what they said was a Halloween decoration. 

The Jennfeldts denied the harassment and the threats, and say they have video proof that they are the victims.

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