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Damond JacksonBack in November of 2013, Damond Jackson was assaulted while driving his normal bus route near the old state fair grounds. According to Fox 2, Jackson says he noticed a suspicious passenger standing at the bus stop, and when he opened the bus door for the passenger, a liquid substance was splashed in his face.

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Over time, most of Jackson’s physical injuries have healed but the mental and emotional trauma remains. Doctors say he suffers from post traumatic stress, causing flashbacks, irritability and sleeplessness.

Now, to make matters worse, Jackson has recently learned his benefits have been cut. According to Fox 2, S&A benefits are are usually reserved for injuries sustained off the job, but Jackson was attacked while driving a city bus. If the city classified his case as an occupational injury he would get 85 percent of his regular pay. Jackson is applying for long-term disability which still means less money for his family .

The City of Detroit gave this statement regarding Jackson’s situation: 

“We are working to make sure he will get the maximum compensation he is entitled to. We are following the guidelines of the Workers Compensation Act to determine what his level ofcompensationn should be. We are waiting for a supplemental report from doctors and once we have that report we will have a clearer understanding of what benefits he is entitled to.”

See Video Below (Via Fox 2):

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