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charles_pugh_20110817040426_320_240Whether you consider him to be a positive or negative influence, there is no doubt that former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh grew to be one of most recognized politicians in Detroit last year after being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a male high school student that he mentored in his leadership program.

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According to multiple news reports, Pugh provided the student with cash, gifts, clothing and a new cell phone but according to police, Pugh also “continuously pressured” the 18-year-old to send him graphic, sexual videos in exchange for hundreds of dollars.

Pugh was not charged over his relationship with a young man he mentored. According to WXYZ.com, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said the text messages sent from Pugh to an 18-year-old Detroit student he mentored were “disturbing” and “highly inappropriate,” but did not rise to the level of a crime and were sent outside of her jurisdiction in Wayne County.

Soon after not being charged, Pugh left the city and resigned from the city following questions over his conduct. After leaving Detroit, Pugh was spotted a few times around the country. According to reports, he was spotted inside a Seattle Starbucks coffee shop and soon after that he spotted at a New York City event for journalists.

Well it seems WXYZ has finally caught back up with Pugh and according to reports, Pugh is still on the run and still making excuses, he just happens to be doing in it Harlem, New York while working at a restaurant as a waiter. See video below:

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