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“‘Nobody But You’ came from a conversation [my team and I] were having among ourselves about just letting the other person know that they’re wanted, loved, needed or whatever,” Algebra told Boombox.com. “Because sometimes we lose it. We’re always texting or emailing but the purpose of the song was to just say ‘You’re the one.’”

Atlanta hitmaker Brian Michael Cox and singer/songwriter Eric Roberson are among the producers Algebra worked with on her second release. You can download her mixtape via her Facebook page here. While she hopes that Recovery does well, she is more interested in making sure that her truth is expressed in her work.

“I really believe that as individuals if we just focus on the honesty of it and be true from the rip, out the gate, getting real and being you from the beginning, that lessens the pressure,” she told Boombox.com.

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