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JACQUE REID: You were nominated for two Golden Globes. Are you going to be there?

SKIP MURPHY: Stalker alert (laughter)

IDRIS: Yes, Jacque, I’ll to be there.

JACQUE REID: You and Chiwetel are up for a Golden Globe in the same category. Are you two friends?

IDRIS: Yeah, Chiwetel and I are old, old friends when I started my career about 12 years ago we went out for the same job. It was Amistad and he got the job but he and I have always been keeping an eye on each other. I’m really proud of him. He’s a great actor and Twelve Years a Slave is a great film.

JACQUE REID: Which one of you is going to play James Bond?

IDRIS: (laughs) I don’t know. You tell me.

JACQUE REID: I think it will be you.

IDRIS: I suspect you’d like to play my Bond girl?

JACQUE REID: Yes, I would. I definitely would. (Laughter).

SKIP MURPHY: Well, since me and Damon aren’t going to get a question in, Idris, we’d like to wish you a happy holiday! Thank you so much.

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