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But that led to this –a heated debate on the feminist site Jezebel between Black feminists and white ones who argued that to critique anything about Beyonce was an implicit indictment of Black women, and that maybe Beyonce wasn’t a feminist because her tour is called “Mrs. Carter” and because Jay-Z quotes the infamous ‘Eat the cake Anna Mae,’ line from What’s Love Got to Do With It (hilariously misheard by one white feminist as a reference to Japanese animation) and critiqued here.

So, the fact that Beyonce makes her own money, has her own career, is married to a man who knows she can’t cook and doesn’t care, and, after releasing her father from her management team, seems to run her own career her own way, doesn’t make her a feminist? Then what IS a feminist? We’re confused.

4. Beyonce is not afraid of other fierce women. Beyonce has not one jealous bone in her enviable body because instead of placing a few hot dudes in her sexy video for “Yonce”, she hires three of the baddest Black models around – Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, and Chanel Iman, all of whom are almost a decade younger than she is – and lets them stunt. Of course, she does, too, and they even get a little frisky with B. We take our fashionista hats off to that kind of female solidarity.

5. Beyonce wins 2013. You know that joke Katt Williams tells about a Chrysler 300 looking like a Bentley until a Bentley pulls up? That’s how Miley Cyrus probably feels about now. She gyrated and twerked her way to success with “Wrecking Ball” and now she’s last month’s news. Has anyone even mentioned Miley since Beyonce dropped? Even Rihanna has wisely fallen back, conceding the year to B. Sure, a lot of people had a good 2013 – everyone in 12 Years a Slave, actor Michael B. Jordan, Oprah in The Butler, Idris Elba with a baby on the way and possible Oscar nomination, and remember, that dude Jay-Z dropped a record this year, too, straight to 1 million Samsung Galaxy phones.

But B still  takes 2013 hands down. Drop a record, sell a milli, go back on tour, then jump on a private plane for a yacht vacay with the hubs. (You know it’s coming.) Spend New Year’s Eve popping Ace of Spades with the fam and celebrate the fact that you and your man sold a million albums each in the same year; a feat probably never accomplished before in world history. Queen B for the win. Yeah.

Photo: Beyonce’s Tumblr.

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