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Drake Moves On To Zoe Kravitz

Fellas can’t seem to understand what it is women see in Drake, but perhaps they should stop speculating and take notice because he’s getting all the girls! After blowing $17,000 at the strip club with Rihanna and attending each other’s concert, Drake was photo’d with Zoe Kravitz at the Gjelina restaurant in Venice Beach.

According to NecoleBitchie, Zoe and Drake enjoyed a romantic dinner date, guarded by his security who kept an eye out for photogs. Zoe enjoyed wine and laughed with the smooth rapper. He even waiting outside the bathroom for her like a gentleman.

And that’s not all! New photos of Zoe on Drake’s tour bus have emerged showing the two in an intimate setting. Drizzy admitted his adoration for the young musician back in 2011 when he tweeted: “Zoe Kravitz on Californication…my two favorite things in the world. But she’s not a thing…she’s everything,” says Global Grind.

Rihanna is really going to be wondering, “What Now?”

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