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Al Sharpton On “Oprah’s Next Chapter”

Al Sharpton joined Oprah for a candid sit-down about his upbringing, his new book “The Rejected Stone” and the state of race relations in America. Sharpton admitted that he was the angry Black man for a while. “I was very angry. And I was angry not only at society. I was angry at my father. I was angry at some of my mentors. I felt, you know, if I hadn’t lived a middle class life and then went to the ‘hood, I might not have been as angry. But I felt robbed,” he revealed.

Sharpton went into detail about his affluent upbringing and the moment it was all taken away. My mother went from having a new Cadillac every year to scrubbing floors so I’d have a suit to wear to church on Sunday.  I was mad about that, ” he said.

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