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Kordell Explains Origin Of Gay Rumors

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If it’s one thing we know about Black men, it is that they do not like their sexuality to be questioned. Kordell Stewart finds himself defending his sexual orientation in the wake of the premiere of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” after his estranged wife Porsha, alludede to him being interested in men. Kordell immediately went into defense mode, tweeting subliminal messages and quoting scripture on Instagram. He visited the “Ryan Cameron Morning Show” on V-103 to once and for all put the gay rumors to rest, but we think he made them worse by painting himself as a raging homophobe.

“No, I’m not,” he answered when asked if he was gay. “I’m not on the down low.  And I’m not bisexual.  I’m a 100% man.   I don’t do no “homophobic”. There’s nothing about no dude that I see…” If that wasn’t convincing enough, he swore on the deceased, “I promise you…on my life…and everything I’m a part of including my son, and on my father who’s no longer here, that nothing will ever come up with no dude and me and nothing.  People can say what they want to say.”

And just in case you believed that rumor about him allegedly being arrested for engaging in lewd acts with a transvestite, he contends that report is false. “I never got arrested in that state or that city.  I was a black QB in the city of Pittsburgh.  Making millions.   I wasn’t going to let any false rumors mess up my money, and I didn’t indulge in the rumors at that time.  I couldn’t have gotten arrested that Monday they said.  We had to watch film, we went to Dave & Busters with the boys.  That was just a rumor that started because I wasn’t playing good football at that time.”

Kordell had a lot to say about why his marriage failed, but after witnessing the dynamic of he and Porsha’s household, we have our own conclusions about him. While that may be unfair, reality shows don’t always give off accurate depictions, it is clear he feels in control of Porsha because he was the bread-winner, hence this response:

“When I was done playing football I wanted to make sure the monies I made, I wanted to inject that in my family to be.  My son was already here.  Then, Porsha came on the scene.  She married into the STEWART family.  I didn’t marry into the Williams family.  That’s her people.  I went out my way to make sure we were situated.  As if I was still playing the game because I was capable of purchasing in cash my house for my family.  So when you come out your mouth and show that type of disrespect, you have no idea how much that BURNT me up inside.  I’ve been about team concepts all my life. I’m all about everybody pulling their weight, doing their part.  The person that suffers if people don’t pull their weight is the child.”

We don’t believe Kordell for one minute!

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