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Source: New York Post

Polyamory is not a necessarily new type of dating, but it is growing more and more popular over the years, even getting mainstream media attention.

What is it, exactly? Well, essentially it’s dating multiple people at the same time. Being invested in these people emotionally and physically, and generally everyone is in on it. You can’t simply be cheating on your partner, then when they find out say “No, I’m just being polyamorous.” Polyamory is based on agreement.

Some couples seek to date a third person, oftentimes it is the same person. According to Danielle Ezzo who is currently in a relationship with married couple Matt and Rachel. They met through an online dating site.”One of the wonderful aspects of polyamory is that you do get different things from different partners, both emotionally and physically,” says Ezzo to the New York Post. “There are three very different dynamics, all of which are personally valuable.”

NY Post writes: “And while the arrangement may seem unusual, Ezzo insists it’s really no different than run-of-the-mill monogamy. Communication and compromise are key — for instance, when it comes to picking a flick to watch for the evening.”

Sex expert Tristan Taormino, who wrote a book about the subject says, “The interest and the visibility around open relationships has just skyrocketed. We’re having these discussions in really mainstream media that just weren’t even possible two years ago.”

What do you think? Is an open relationship such as polyamory something you think you could try, or do you think it is ultimately unrealistic? Would you want to invest time and emotion into more than one person, or is one already enough to handle?

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