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I’m no doctor, but I know that incessant phone checking interrupts the train of thought, is distracting in meetings and rude at the dinner table.  It’s also bad during sleep and even worse during sex.

The article’s author, Dr. Larry Rosen has written a book about how technology interrupts our lives called iDisorder.  I haven’t read it yet, but I do have some things I think I can contribute like:

I Know You Got My Text Syndrome: that uneasy feeling you get when you’re certain enough time has elapsed for someone to respond to your text message.

Please Let Me Get Their Voicemail Syndrome:  That fervent prayer that you won’t have to actually talk to the person you called.

You’re Really Not Going to Answer Syndrome:  That humiliating feeling you get when you watch someone check their phone and not pick it up after they realize it’s you calling them.

The Um…I Was on Another Call Syndrome: That uncomfortable moment when someone catches you check your phone and not answer it when you realized it’s them calling.

Phone technology will continue to invade our lives but we can take some comfort in knowing that we aren’t suffering alone.  If you have a communication device-related syndrome to add to the list, I’d love to hear it…wait…oh, sorry, I was checking my phone.

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