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I cannot express to you the serious amount of stress I am going through. I have fallen so asunder that I feel I am at my lowest point. I cry constantly, as I try to hide my stress and heartache from my family, but sometimes my depression takes over.

Tom, as a single mother raising a boy, 16 and two girls, 12 and 11 on my own, I feel as if I am drowning sometimes.   I have had thoughts while driving to work to just let go of my cars wheel and just let go of it all, but my children pop into my mind like a reminder that they need me.   My bills are behind in every way possible, because   I missed   a month of work due a knee injury and have not been able to catch up.   I try to budget living off my monthly income as a certified nursing assistant, but surviving in New York is so expensive these days and everything seems to rise higher each day.

My children just started school this week and I feel horrible that I couldn’t afford new clothes or all of the school supplies they asked for, because I’m scraping up pennies to feed them.   I actually snapped at them and it’s not their fault.    Mr. .Joyner, please help me with a Christmas wish to immediately purchase new clothing, school supplies and coats, boots, gloves and hats for the winter ahead for the three most important people in my life.   This will take a huge load off my brain.

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