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The Jurors who put Kwame Kilpatrick behind bars say their job isn’t over just because the verdict is in.  They say there are lessons to be learned here, even if the Former Mayor hasn’t learned his lesson.

TONYA:  I don’t think that this man lays down at night where he is right now and, for once, says all right, game over, period.  He’s asking for more milk.

LISA: It’d be really sad if they did not learn a lesson, if they’re still sitting there feeling like they did nothing wrong and that justice was unfair to them.

TONYA: (turns head) There were so many things, but I think that for me, living in the city of Detroit when Kwame became mayor, learning that this didn’t start around when the text message scandal started. That this started back when he was state representative. I was blown away by it. I couldn’t believe it because, I’m like wow, this was calculated. …

LISA:  Was shocked by the magnitude. So many people were involved.

JENNIFER:  I just found myself surprised on a regular basis … I just thought “really?” and absorb that and then a few days later another one, “Really?”

TONYA: I have a son. I wanted to be able to have him look up to him. And to watch this all unfold, and then to be a part of this unfolding, it broke my heart…I think that was one of Detroit’s darkest moments

Jurors got a civics lesson in this courtroom, learning about how things work in Detroit — and even more about how things don’t work. Now they say it’s time for a change.

LISA: It’s definitely time to clean house.  It really is, before it’s too late

Remarkably, the jurors believe it’s not too late for Detroit — but they’re not delusional.

LISA: We can bring the city back. In order to do that, though, everything has to be monitored.

TONYA: They need us. They need us

JENNIFER: This jury needs to take over

TONYA: This jury needs to take over and clean it out.

ML: What do you do on day one?

TONYA: Day one, everything is shut down.

I think they’re kidding, but make no mistake: these jurors are convinced that good enough for Detroit isn’t good enough anymore.

ML: one of the things that we heard from the defense was that, you know what; you can’t convict these guys because this is just how things work in Detroit. This is business as usual. This is how the sausage is made. How did you feel about that?

TONYA: I felt that was some bull. That’s it. Plain and simple…because it’s not fair to the taxpayers, it’s not fair to the kids who want to go to the park who don’t have swings.

ML: What do you think can be done to eliminate what the feds call the ‘culture of corruption’ in Detroit?

TONYA:  They need to be held accountable, they need to face a jury of their peers, so that accountability starts to trickle on down so that your next set of individuals who come in to serve the city truly serve the city and the citizens.


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