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Jeanne Dorado describes her first ride on a Detroit Department of Transportation bus as “out-of-control, ridiculous.”

Dorado moved to the city from Minneapolis this past Wednesday. She says she encountered one disgruntled bus driver the next day.

“Being new to the city, I asked the driver for some help, asking him how far down Woodward he would go,” she said.

Siscily Ware watched it all go down.

“He was like, ‘B***, I’m the mother (expletive) Mack bus,'” Ware said.

Dorado says the bus driver then threatened her.

“He was saying that he was going to take me on the ride of my life and then drop my b*** a** on the east side, which being new I don’t even know what that means,” Dorado said.

At that point she was scared and just trying to get off of the bus.

“I called 911 to report that I had been kidnapped because he closed the doors behind me and he refused to let me off,” she said.

Finally, the bus stopped at Mack Avenue and St. Antoine Street. According to witnesses, that’s when the bus driver snapped.

“He got out of his seat,” said Ware.

“And he was like, ‘What?!?’ And he got up from his seat — the bus was still in motion — and he backhanded me with his right hand,” Dorado said.

“He slapped her,” said Ware.

“And he kept swinging and somebody standing closer to him at the front of the bus grabbed him,” said Dorado.

Ware said the bus was moving the entire time.

“Man, get the bus ’cause the bus steady going!” she said.

Ware pulled Dorado to safety. She is pressing charges and sharing her story about the one wild ride on a DDOT bus.

“This isn’t exemplary of what I’ve experience in Detroit. it just was unfortunately a really bad incident of a man who snapped,” said Dorado.

Dorado said she is no longer riding the bus. Coworkers have been giving her a ride until she buys a car.


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