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Dear Tom,

I love my mother more than words can express. She is a retired daycare teacher and she stays active as a member of “The Silver Sneakers” – a walking club for seniors at her local YMCA.

Last year on my mom’s 74th birthday, My father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. 2 weeks later, on his 74th birthday, he received his first chemotherapy treatment. Needless to say, he passed away this january.

My mother was right there by his side the entire time. she slept on a cot by my father’s hospital bed Throughout this entire time. She Never complained; she never gave up; she never stopped loving him.

On March 23rd, my mother lost her little sister. Then On May 11th, she lost her brother who was 89 years of age.  my mom went through 3 deaths in 5 months but she stood tall and strong and comforted us.

You see, every sunday, before church, she serves a hot breakfast to the homeless. she told me, “those people will still be hungry regardless of our loss.”

She loves to cook and read. sometimes, she goes to the used book store and spend hours looking through old cook books. her reward is the look on people’s faces when they bite into whatever she cooks or bakes.

She is a fine example of strength, courage and love. she’s lived in that house for 45 years and with all the cooking she does, Her kitchen could use a bit of an update.

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