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Zimmerman’s lawyers want the jury to believe that Trayvon became overly aggressive because he has a trace amount of marijuana in his system and justifies Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.

But so what if a trace amount of marijuana was found in Trayvon Martin’s system before George Zimmerman shot and killed him?

The facts of the case remain the same: Zimmerman followed Trayvon when police told Zimmerman to stand down; he profiled Trayvon for no legitimate reason, he told the police dispatcher that “these assholes always get away,” and then he shot Trayvon – who was unarmed–  on a rainy street in Sanford, Florida last year.

This much we know.

And when has marijuana ever been known to cause rage and aggression? Some experts argue that marijuana could be used successfully to treat anger management because it makes many people more mellow, relaxed and low-key.

And here’s a key question: Who was Zimmerman talking about when he told police that “f-kin’ punks” and “these assholes always get away?” WHO always get away? Black men wearing hoodies? Teenagers carrying Skittles? Unarmed black men walking through gated communities? And what did he mean?

We may never get the answers to these questions even though his statements to police go to the heart of perceived malicious intent before he stalked and shot Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and says he shot Martin in self-defense during a scuffle in the townhome complex where he lived. The fight took place on a dark, rainy night in February 2012, and there were no eyewitnesses who saw the entire fight. Several witnesses saw and heard parts of the struggle that left Martin dead with a bullet in his heart.

The judge will likely send the case to the jury in a few days.

And then we’ll wait.

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