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I call that one “The Look” and “The Click.”

I still remember the most egregious incident where I got “The Look.” I was standing in the parking lot of an upscale, yuppyish shopping center talking to a brother I know named Kevin Shird.

Shird is in his early 40s. I’m in my early 60s. We’re each way past the age where males of any age are known to cause criminal mayhem.

So we’re standing there, talking about things that were our business, minding our own business, when a white woman got out of her car and headed into one of the stores.

Sure enough, she gave us “The Look.”

It was BROAD DAYLIGHT. Had we any intentions of doing anything to her, there were plenty of witnesses that could have phoned police and identified us.

This white woman not only thought we were a menace, but also very stupid black men as well.

Are the white women on the George Zimmerman jury anything like the one I saw on that parking lot? If they are, there’s no way Zimmerman will be convicted.

According to a Washington Times news story, the all-female jury supposedly favors the state, not the defense. At least that’s how a Florida defense lawyer who’s also a former prosecutor sees it.

“With the jury being all women,” said Elizabeth Parker, “ the defense may have a difficult time having the jurors truly understand their defense, that George Zimmerman was truly in fear for his life. Women are gentler than men by nature and don’t have the instinct to confront trouble head-on.”

OK, sounds kind of sexist to me. But Parker wasn’t quite done. According to the news story, “she also implied that women can be more emotionally influenced than men are.” And then there’s this direct quote from Parker:

“Trayvon Martin’s mother and father will be sitting in the courtroom, and these jurors will see them every day, knowing that their son was shot and killed, knowing that the decision rests in their hands.”

Everything Parker says might be true.

Unless, of course, one or more of those jurors has ever given a black man “The Look.”

(Photo: AP)

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