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I’m one of those people who assumed a long time ago that anything we texted and even emailed was going somewhere that could be retrieved by someone at some point, even after it was deleted. Why in the name of Kwame Kilpatrick is anyone still tweeting, texting  or even saying ANYTHING that could be incriminating is a mystery to me. Maybe we all needed a wake up to call like this to realize that we are sharing way too much and now that we know, let’s all dial it back notch.

Just like Verizon and the rest (because you know Verizon isn’t the only one) finally said, I can’t look at any more naked pictures, nasty texts or overhear any more freaky conversations.

If you just HAVE to say something you KNOW you shouldn’t say or do, get in your car and drive to a pay phone. By the time you find one, either you won’t be in the mood any more or you’ll realize that it was just wrong.

I pray we will return to the days when the government will no longer have to take these extra methods to protect us and that we will no longer have to choose any of our liberties over security. But if we have to …  I choose security. You?

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